Manage hypertension and cholesterol the smart way

Meet Cardi.Health, the cardiovascular health app that instantly and accurately reacts to your heart condition changes, provides real-time insights, and generates heart health reports.

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What’s in the kit?

Mobile app

  • Track your condition

  • Instantly understand your results

  • Personalized nutrition and activity plan

  • Share detailed reports with your doctor

Smart pill bottle coming soon

Smart Pill bottle

  • Direct connectivity with the Cardi.Health app

  • Medication reminder set-up

  • Sound reminders

  • Pocket friendly

Blood pressure monitor coming soon

Blood Pressure monitor

  • Direct connectivity with the Cardi.Health app

  • Highly advanced technology

  • Voice and display results

  • Pocket friendly

How it works?

Track your condition

Get reminders to take your medications and vital measurements regularly. Track them in the app to get real-time insights and action plans for stabilizing your condition.

Instantly understand your results

Receive detailed insights and action plans on measurements, symptoms and medications. Based on the changes in your condition, the app will notify you with action plans on what to do to stabilize your health.

Manage your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in real⁠-⁠time

Manage your lifestyle

Get a personalized meal and activity plan to stay on track with your health. Try out and save favorite meals, set daily movement benchmarks, and make your heart health management even more effective.

Share detailed monthly report with your doctor

Generate and share health reports with your doctors or caregivers in just a few taps. Forward your health insights, measurements, and recommended action plans by simply selecting a wanted timeframe and entering your receiver's email address.

The simplest way to manage your cardiovascular condition from home

Easy to use

Download the Cardi.Health app, sync your monitoring devices through Bluetooth and start tracking.


Get app push reminders once it’s time to take your meds or measure your vitals.

Deep Insights

Get instant insights into your condition changes and recommended action plans to stabilize your health.

Share with your doctor

Track your health over time and forward monthly health reports directly to your doctor for review.

Manage your heart health all in one place

Answer a set of questions to gain access to the Cardi.Health app.

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