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8 Foods That Raise Blood Pressure Quickly

7 min read 2023 Jul 5
There are certain foods that raise blood pressure quickly, so it is a good idea to know about these. This guide will educate you on these, so let’s get into it.

Foods to Avoid With High Blood Pressure

9 min read 2023 Jul 4
In this guide, we’ll explore the dietary choices that are not recommended for people with hypertension so you can make well-informed decisions and reduce blood pressure if necessary.

How to Check Blood Pressure at Home

8 min read 2023 Jun 30
Keeping a regular check on your blood pressure is crucial, especially when dealing with conditions like hypertension. However, it's not just about checking – it's about doing it right. You need to have the right equipment and know the correct methods to accurately measure your blood pressure.

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Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor

18 min read 2023 Jun 30
In this article, we'll discuss the best blood pressure monitors for each category and every budget, so you can make a smart choice and take charge of your heart health.

The Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor

19 min read 2023 Jun 30
In this article, we will guide you to the best device for accurate blood pressure measurements. Get ready to dive into the world of blood pressure monitors and discover the tools that will empower you to take control of your cardiovascular health.

Cardi Health Survey: 5 Most Common Heart Disease Risk Factors

1 min read 2022 Jun 13
Cardi Health shows the ranking of the top 5 heart disease risk factors that are common among Cardi Health users. Diabetes and smoking took a surprisingly low place on the list.

Cardi Health: Diabetes and Smoking Not Top Heart Health Risks

1 min read 2022 Apr 20
Cardi Health surveyed 11,408 Americans to analyze trends in high blood pressure and cholesterol, offering insights into national heart health.

Cardi Health Identifies Top 2 Modifiable Heart Risks in Study

2 min read 2022 Mar 11
Cardi Health reveals top 5 heart disease accelerators in the US, noting 4 out of 5 factors are controllable.

Kilo Health Partners with American Heart Association's Tech & Innovation Center

1 min read 2022 Feb 8
Kilo Health, creator of Cardi Health app, teams up with American Heart Association’s Center for Health Tech & Innovation to foster scalable health solutions.