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Cardi Health Survey: 5 Most Common Heart Disease Risk Factors

1 min read 2022 Jun 13
Cardi Health shows the ranking of the top 5 heart disease risk factors that are common among Cardi Health users. Diabetes and smoking took a surprisingly low place on the list.

Cardi Health: Diabetes and Smoking Not Top Heart Health Risks

1 min read 2022 Apr 20
Cardi Health surveyed 11,408 Americans to analyze trends in high blood pressure and cholesterol, offering insights into national heart health.

Cardi Health Identifies Top 2 Modifiable Heart Risks in Study

2 min read 2022 Mar 11
Cardi Health reveals top 5 heart disease accelerators in the US, noting 4 out of 5 factors are controllable.

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Kilo Health Partners with American Heart Association's Tech & Innovation Center

1 min read 2022 Feb 8
Kilo Health, creator of Cardi Health app, teams up with American Heart Association’s Center for Health Tech & Innovation to foster scalable health solutions.

Cardi Health Survey: Many with High Blood Pressure Have High Cholesterol

1 min read 2021 Oct 20
Cardi Health report finds high cholesterol common among its users with high blood pressure.

Cardi Health: 90% of Hypertensive Users Face Stress & Anxiety

1 min read 2021 Oct 20
Cardi Health survey: 90% with hypertension and high 'bad' cholesterol experience frequent stress and anxiety, 37% often under pressure.

Cardi Health Survey: 75% with High Blood Pressure Share Family History

2 min read 2021 Oct 19
Cardi Health's report: 75% of hypertensive users have family history, aligning with genetic links in hypertension.